Removing plasters without pain

Removing adhesive and fixation plasters is a daily procedure when caring for your little patients. Removing medical adhesivs strongly stresses the skin - and, for infants and children, it is an uncomfortable and painful procedure.

You can solve both problems very easily with limix sensitive: it smoothly dissolves the glue and enables a painless removing of all medical adhesives that is kind to the skin.

limix sensitive consists of disiloxane, butane and propane, we do not use any preservatives or scents.

limix sensitive helps prevent little patients from suffering pain during the removal of plasters and you are able to begin the further Treatment in a clearly more relaxed way.

limix sensitive (PZN 10821258) is available  as a medical device (class I) in aerosol form in a spray bottle with 50 ml each.

This volume is sufficient for up to 40 applictions.